Foreword  by  Dr.  James  Bowman

Andreas Bachmair and I met seemingly by accident some years ago, but in reflecting upon that meeting, it now seems anything but accidental. I believe, rather, that it was my great good fortune and destiny to meet him as I find him a rare and fascinating combination of very practical and common sense knowledge tempered with a high degree of solid, scientific understanding of the complexities and subtleties of human biology. I have known many practitioners during my career in medicine, and he is a most rare find, a man of intelligence, integrity, humility and courage, and someone I could not respect or admire more than I do. I strongly recommend this book, knowing that the time you spend reading it will be time well spent, an investment in yourself and your children, which will indeed bring many rewards to your future health.


James R. Bowman, MD, ND, DNHC, DCP, FAAIM, DiHom


Dr. James R. Bowman took his training in medicine and homeopathy in Europe because the best academic training and education in biology and science is found in Europe. He has been in daily clinical family practice for over 35 years and although trained at first in classical allopathic medicine, soon found it to be extremely lacking in logic or results. Because of this, like Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, MD, the discoverer and founder of homeopathy, he began to study other options, and based on those scientific facts and the outcome for patients, he has devoted his work exclusively to natural and alternative medicine for decades. He has a small, private family clinic in the United States (Wisconsin) and works with both children and adults for a very wide variety of health issues, using strictly natural and alternative methods. If you would like to learn more about his work please visit his website: www.getyourlifeback.org