Foreword  by  Dr.  Rebecca  Carley

For quite some time, many parents who have started to do their own research into the safety and efficacy of vaccines being pushed on their children have been asking the question “Why have there been no studies comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children?” This is a very important question as increasing numbers of parents are watching their children receive increasing numbers of vaccines, accompanied by increasing incidence of allergies, anaphylactic shock, autism and other neurological conditions, all autoimmune diseases, and cancer. Is it not self evident that any claim that vaccines are not behind this epidemic of immune system diseases would have to start with just such a comparison?

As the vaccine promoters who are funded by Big Pharma continue to deny the self evident fact that the increase in the childhood vaccine schedule directly parallels the increase in autoimmune disease and cancer, parents are finally checking things out for themselves instead of beLIEving the denials of the white coated “experts”. When a normal 15 month old child receives the MMR vaccine and shortly thereafter loses eye contact and speech, starts flapping their hands and doing other unusual behaviors, their pediatricians always deny the obvious correlation. They will usually blame the genes of the parents (even when there has never been any history of the disorder in either family). They will claim that numerous studies (always funded by Big Pharma) have never shown any correlation of vaccines with disease of the immune system.

In reality, the most important part of the scientific method is OBSERVATION. If you stub your toe on a rock and it subsequently becomes swollen and turns blue, there is an obvious cause and effect relationship. However, when the temporal relationship of a vaccine assault with subsequent injury is reported, the vaccinator will without fail always claim that the injury could NOT be due to vaccines. Why is this denial occurring, making vaccines the “sacred cow” of medicine? Is there a fear that the millions of lives that have been destroyed by this insane practice of vaccination would lead to a global outcry the likes of which has never been seen in history? How could people ever trust medical doctors again? And without Big Pharma controlled medical doctors to prescribe their toxic poisons (when there are natural solutions for all diseases already available), how could the Big Pharma companies stay in business? THEY COULD NOT. As the author states in his introduction, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

The study done by Andreas Bachmair and reported in this very important book and the personal stories of unvaccinated children reveal the tremendous difference in immune system disease between unvaccinated and vaccinated children. Even more importantly, he has validated what I have realized after 15 years of teaching people how to reverse their vaccine induced diseases (which encompass pretty much all of the diseases under “internal medicine”); that ALL OF THE UNVACCINATED CHILDREN WITH IMMUNE DYSFUNCTION WERE BORN OF VACCINATED PARENTS! What this proves is that the vaccine viruses injected into the parents can be transmitted to the fetus. I realized this after the handful of my clients with autism whose parents had not vaccinated them responded to my Hippocrates protocol (detoxing vaccine viruses with homeopathy) just as their vaccinated peers did. This tells us that the epidemic of VIDS (vaccine induced disease) will become worse with each vaccinated generation, which is why I have dedicated my life to putting an end to VIDS; the biggest epidemic the world has ever known! Please spread the word.


Rebecca Carley, MD


Rebecca Carley, MD, Court Qualified Expert in VIDS, Hickory, NC, USA